Jungle metropolis.

  • Calakmul
    Structure I, 55 meters ir a...
  • Edzná
    Five Storey Building ir a...
  • Campeche
    Streets full of color ir a...
  • Festival
    in Campeche ir a...
  • Cathedral
    Ciudad del Carmen ir a...
  • Puerta del mar (Sea Gate)
    Puerta del mar (Sea Gate)
    San Francisco de Campeche ir a...

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Perfect co-existence of nature and history. Mangroves and islands of vegetation, dolphins and flamingoes. Colonnial cities and fishing villages. Extraordinary ruins.

Calakmul is a stunning World Heritage Site, a Maya city-state in the midst of the jungle with a legendary rivalry with the also mythical Tikal. Also, an hour away from Campeche, the traveler will recognize in Edzná the setting of the movie Apocalypto. This site is part of the Puuc route connecting Campeche with Yucatan.

Rivers and rainforests offer excellent opportunities for nature and adventure activities. Two very different Biosphere Reserves: the jungles of Calakmul in the interior and the fascinating mangroves of the Petenes near Campeche. The Terminos Lagoon, next to Ciudad del Carmen, is a turtle, manatee and dolphin sanctuary. Up North, the flamingo colonies at Ria Celestun.

San Francisco de Campeche, a World Heritage Site, a city enclosed within fortresses and walls raised as protection from pirate attacks, preserves its colonial charm intact. Delightful for walking. Its relaxed atmosphere, luxurious hotels and haciendas, make it the perfect location for events, like Ciudad del Carmen, an oil industry hub.

Mayan Archaeology Mayan Archaeology

Be amazed at the archaeological sites in one of the most populated areas of the Maya World

Nature Nature

The technicolour coast: turquoise waters, corals and giants of the sea

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How to arrive

Airports Airports Car Car Bus Bus Ports Ports
Campeche International Airport "Alberto Acuña Ongay" (CPE)
Av. López Portillo cruce con Coatzacoalcos. Campeche.
+52 981 823 4059 / 4060
Ciudad del Carmen International Airport (CME)
Zacatal, Campeche
+52 981 816 1137
Alamo Rent a Car
Calle 50, No. 3, Entre 31 y 31-A, Avicación 24170, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche
Edzná Car Rental
16 de septiembre 128 Col: Ciudad amurallada Centro C.P.: 24000 Campeche
+52 981 152 7521
Av. López Portillo x Carr. Campeche-Chiná Col. Aviación Aeropuerto Internacional 24072, Campeche
+52 981 823 4083
Maya Car Rent
Av. 16 de septiembre núm 116 depto 5, esquina con prolong. calle 57, Col Centro, 24000 Campeche
+52 981 816 0656
Final de la Av. 31 s/n, Zona Federal Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico 24190
+52 333 122 5979
Campeche Bus Terminal. 1st class service. ADO
Avenida Patricio Trueba Regil 237. Col. Las Flores. Campeche
+52 981 816 2802
Campeche Bus Terminal. Luxury service. ADO GL
Avenida Patricio Trueba Regil 237. Col. Las Flores. Campeche
+52 981 813 3837
Campeche Bus Terminal. Luxury service. ADO Platinum
Avenida Patricio Trueba Regil 237. Col. Las Flores. Campeche
+ 01 800 737 5856
Campeche Bus Terminal. Intermediate Service. OCC
Avenida Patricio Trueba Regil 237. Col. Las Flores. Campeche
01 800 702 8000
Isla del Carmen Port
Avenida 5 Sur, No. 10, Puerto Pesquero Industrial Laguna Azul, Ciudad del Carmen 24129 , Campeche
+52 938 384 0289
Lerma Port
Carretera Campeche Lerma s/n, Sin Colonia, 24029 Campeche
+52 981 812 0500
Seybaplaya Port
Calle 20 No. 160 por dos poniente Colonia Lerma
+52 982 823 1403

Tourism information offices

Tourist information booth at the Cultural Center House # 6
Calle 57 entre 10 y 8, San francisco de Campeche. Campeche
+52 019 816 1782
State Tourist Information Office
Av. Ruiz Cortines S/N, Plaza Moch Couoh Col. Centro, C.P. 24000 Campeche, Campeche
+52 981 127 3300
Tourist information offices of the Municipality of Campeche
Calle 55 No. 3, al lado de la Catedral, col. Centro San Francisco de Campeche. Campeche
+52 019 816 3989