Agua Blanca State Park

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It is located 72 kilometers from Villahermosa in the town of Las Palomas, in the municipality of Macuspana. It has an area of 2,050 hectares and was declared a Protected Natural Area in 1987, and classified as a State Eco-park.

Although its main attractions are the beautiful waterfalls that give the park its name, there is also a large tract of forest, and a variety of flora and fauna. It is the perfect place for nature lovers who enjoy a good photographic hunt.

Another interesting feature of this area is the Ixta-Já cave, which is the Mayan name of the princess whose tears led to the origin of the waterfall. To get there, follow the main walkway and climb up the staircase that leads to the entrance.

Extreme sports can be done here, such as hiking or abseiling the large vertical walls.

There is a parking lot, swimming pool, children’s pool, barbecue area, restaurant, changing rooms and toilets.

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