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Crocodiles and jaguars, the kings of the mangrove forests and jungles.

Get carried away by the jungles of the Yucatán Peninsula and the shores of impenetrable mangrove forests, among the springs and creeks colored by the bright pink of the flamingos. Incredible biodiversity that can you can explore at any time of the year.

The largest rainforest in North America extends from the interior of Campeche all the way down to Central America. You'll love the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. You’ll be able to spot up to 350 species here. Although perhaps the biggest attraction of Calakmul is also the most difficult to find - but definitely worth a try: the big cats. This reserve is home to jaguars and pumas, as well as ocelots and oncillas. Leaving the large tracts of unexplored rainforest behind, you will find another equally impenetrable and fascinating ecosystem on the coast: the mangrove forests. The Los Petenes Biosphere Reserve, located north of the city of Campeche, will give you with a totally unique experience. Petenes are islands of vegetation that originate in springs and waterholes, such as El Remate. Hop on a boat to explore the Bosque Petrificado and the beaches and estuary of Isla Arena, a small coastal town where thousands of jaribu nest.

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If you like boating, don't miss the Salto Grande waterfalls in the Candelaria River or the beautiful landscapes of Kam Balam River. Have fun at the eco-parks, there are hundreds of activities. In the south of the state, in Laguna de Términos, near Ciudad del Carmen, you can meet with the dolphins who have made these waters their home. The shy manatee, American crocodile and Morelet's crocodile live in the mangrove forests to the south of this enormous lagoon.

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