Misol Ha

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The main attraction of Misol Ha is its 40 meter high waterfall, a cave through which a stream emerges and falls from a small waterfall into the main pool, a 15-hectare wooded area with a tropical evergreen forest, where you can see birds and mammals such as the agouti, squirrel and howler monkey. There is a walkway that passes behind the curtain of water and inside the cave, safe guided tours are available. You can go swimming in the pool under the water curtain, which is approximately 40 meters in diameter.


The Centre has 6 duplex cabins (24 to 36 people) 3 family cabins (12 to 18 people), 1 family cabin (8 people), 1 quintuple cabin (10 to 15 people).Restaurant (60 seats), kitchen - terrace (25 seats). Camping area, parking, restrooms and changing rooms, children's play area, craft shop and a fish hatchery pond.

How to arrive

Km 46.5, Highway 199 Catazajá Rancho Nuevo, San Miguel, municipality of Salto de Agua, Chiapas.

It is 20.5 km from Palenque and takes 30 minutes by car. It is 99.5 kilometers from Ocosingo and takes about 2 hours.

From Palenque there is a transport service that goes through communal roads that will leave you at the top of the road. You will then have to walk 1.5 kilometers down the road to get there. Alternatively, you can organize transport through travel agencies.

+52 555 329 0995


Map and address


Ejido San Miguel, Salto de Agua.