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Chiapas-style cuisine reinforced by ancestral roots with techniques and products that have a contemporary presentation, converting them into a contemporary proposal. What sustains them is the creativity and freedom of ideas that are converted into a proposal known as "Fine and Designer Regional Cuisine of Chiapas." The restaurant Tierra y Cielo started as a renovating concept, combining ingredients and cooking techniques that result in a quality and innovative product that preserves the traditional flavor of Chiapas dishes. It is crucial to visit the restaurant, as it is a culinary experience that perfectly combines flavors, history and imagination. The magic and enchantment of San Cristobal are the result of the cultural fusion that radiates from the streets, is reflected in the people, is appreciated in their traditions and is enjoyed in their dishes.

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Av. Benito Juarez 1, Centro Histórico. San Cristóbal de las Casas 29200. Chiapas.