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A beautiful nature reserve with 1,200 hectares of forest that gives visitors the chance to see many species of wildlife in their natural habitat such as the howler monkey, white-tailed deer, toucan, scarlet macaw and white hawk. There are boat trips down the magnificent Lacantún River. You can admire the amazing Paso del Diablo here and the joining of two rivers whose streams do not mix and retain their respective blue and emerald green colors.

This reserve also has a great diversity of wildlife such as the scarlet macaw, howler monkey, toucan, hawk, pintail, flying squirrel, wild boar, bat, white back skunk, coyote and boa. As for its flora, highlights include the palm, oak, cedar, mahogany, sapodilla, rubber tree, pine, cypress, milkweed, manchineel, amate and ceiba. Although this reserve was created with the aim of conserving the red macaw, various nature tourism activities can be carried out here like bird watching, jungle trekking, boat tours and observing flora and fauna that are unique to the region.

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