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Located in the southern portion of the Sierra region, within the ranches of Eureka and Bethlehem, in the town of Coconá, Teapa. The State of Tabasco declared it a Natural Monument in 1988, in order to protect it from adverse environmental impact. The caves can be visited, and inside there are several galleries and magnificent limestone formations. There is a service area for visitors outside.

The area is covered by a dense layer of vegetation that in the high mountain region. The flora is predominantly green but there are some colored plants like the guayacán de montaña, marquesote and palo de asta. It is also possible to observe the breadfruit, palo mulato, ceiba, guava and mango trees.

As a result of the adverse impact that man has had on the ecosystem here, the fauna is not as rich as in other regions of the state. Among the species found here are small mammals such as the opossum, squirrel, bat, raccoon and badger, as well as a large number of birds that take refuge in the highest and most inaccessible parts of the mountains, such as the hawk, chachalaca and tecolote; as well as reptiles and amphibians such as the chameleon, sapo minador and nauyaca.

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