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The Lacandon Jungle is situated in the eastern portion of the state of Chiapas. This forest covered in the past an area of ​​more than one million acres and was the lifeline of the Mayan civilization.

Its name comes from the indigenous community living in it since prehispanic times: Lacandon and means Big or Rock Peña (of lacam: Big, and tun: stone). The territory covered by the Lacandon main island of Lake Miramar where they had built the head of his extensive jungle territory. When the Spaniards changed the Mayan Tun topónimo lacam by Lacandón hispanicized used this name to indicate not only the island but also the lagoon and the area around him.

The Lacandon Jungle has four of the nine types of vegetation that are found in Mexico and endemic species live in its forests such as palms and orchids. Numerous conservation actions have been carried out here due to the high biological value of the area. Visitors can walk through the jungle along trails that go through incredible landscapes, which are excellently conserved. It is an amazing experience for nature lovers.

In addition to the virgin jungle treks, you can visit many spectacular caves and trails leading to beautiful waterfalls, where you can take rafting tours and other ecotourism activities that are framed by magnificent landscapes. Some of the activities include boat tours, kayaking, hiking and observing flora and fauna.

Around 70 species of mammals have been recorded here, such as the spider monkey, saraguato monkey, ocelot, jaguar and 306 species of birds including the toucan and scarlet macaw as well as reptiles such as the boa constrictor, milk snake and bothrops asper.

Exploring the Lacandon Jungle is a must for every nature tourist. In addition to respecting and protecting one of the most important and beautiful natural areas in the country, social and cultural exchange between communities and visitors is also encouraged here.

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